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Licensed Insolvency Practitioners

Sadlers offers the following services and assistance:

For companies

We focus on getting every client to where they want to be in a legal, timely and cost effective manner. Whether it’s an orderly closure, a business sale or assistance with continuing to trade, Rob helps directors take control when under extreme financial pressure.

Having undertaken hundreds of Liquidations, Administrations and Arrangements with creditors, there are few situations that Rob has not seen before and found a solution for both the company and its creditors.

For individuals

Individuals who are struggling with debt, whether as a result of a business, personal guarantees or loans and credit cards can be helped. Sometimes this is on a formal basis and sometimes informally by negotiation with creditors.

Rob has considerable experience in guiding individuals and couples who can't see a way forward with the burden of their debt.

For creditors

Rob has been approached by numerous directors and individuals for advice on how they can recover money owed by a debtor. Using formal and informal techniques, Rob primarily tries to find a solution that is in the best interests of all, but is tireless in pursuing debts that should and could be paid.

For farm businesses

Rob is generally recognised as the leading insolvency practitioner in agricultural matters. Whether it’s farming or an ancillary business connected to agriculture, Rob recognises that financial difficulties for an agricultural business are, generally, closer to home than in any other profession.

Whether your business is incorporated, a traditional partnership, LLP or run as a sole trader, Rob can and will help in a sympathetic, practical and hands on manner.

... and, as importantly, what we don't

We are experts at personal insolvency and corporate restructuring. That's enough.

Click to see our infographic of all the services we don't offer, but will be happy to refer to those better qualified to undertake the work. Independence is key to us and we will always seek to involve other professionals who are experts in their own field. If you are interested in forging a new relationship with us, please contact us.