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Just because you are in debt, it doesn't mean that you don't have options.

We are experienced in finding the right solution for people struggling with their finances.

Employed, self employed or a director of a company. Home owner or in rented accomodation. Rich in assets but poor in cash. Few assets but a steady income. We can help.


The oldest insolvency procedure to release you from your debts.

What are the pros and cons ?

Individual Voluntary Arrangement

Since 1986, you've been able to propose to repay your debts, either fully or in part, over a fixed period.

Learn how to propose an IVA


If you only have a small number of creditors, we may be able to help you settle your debts without a formal insolvency process.

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Debt Relief Order

A, relatively, new procedure for people with low debts and minimal assets.

Am I eligible for a DRO ?