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Licensed Insolvency Practitioners

Sadlers is an independent firm of licensed insolvency practitioners. Based in York and undertaking appointments across the North of England and beyond, Sadlers specialises in agriculture, with significant experience in corporate restructuring & personal insolvency.

We provide a service to our clients, led by experienced and qualified professionals, offering practical, timely and cost effective advice when needed.


Our response to help businesses, directors and employees get through these difficult times and come back stronger:

"During the pandemic we worked hard to keep abreast of the ever-changing world we all unexepectedly found ourselves in.

We helped numerous local businesses to understand what grants, loans and restructuring tools were available to enable them to survive during lockdown and then operate profitably in the future. Now we continue to help businesses that have not recovered to pre-pandemic profitability, or are struggling with escalating costs.

We would urge all business owners to take the opportunity to assess what they have been doing, where they want to be going and how they are going to get there.

We can work alongside your existing trusted advisers to help you map a route forward for your business and we will not charge you for taking that advice."

We are proud of our website

We hope you find this website useful. It was developed specifically with you in mind.

Take some time to browse our competitors' sites and we know that we will stand out. Not a signpost, lifebuoy ring or lighthouse to be seen here. Just helpful information, written in plain language and with plenty of guides to download and keep.

Because we post new information to this website every week, if there's a question that you've searched for and can't find answered, please do get in touch and we will reply with the answer and put it on the website to help others too.

We really know our stuff. But then again, so do most of the 1,000 or so practitioners who hold a licence to take formal insolvency or restructuring appointments in England and Wales. What makes us different is our ability to take technical information and communicate it to all levels within a business; directors, management and shop floor. That's an art form. The way we approach each new client is different to our competitors too. We put you first and always will.

We are different (in a good way)

  • We have a proven track record of helping thousands of individuals and businesses through their financial difficulties;

  • Every strategy for each new client is unique but nothing fazes us. We've usually seen a similar situation before;

  • No-one will ever know your business or finances like you do, however, we want to come a close second and we will care as much as you;

  • We will be there, when you need us, with clear practical advice that's right for you;

  • We do not employ salespeople to screen our calls or hold initial meetings to see if you and your business are worth dealing with. Big or small, you will always be advised by a qualified professional and we won't waste your time;

  • Going the extra mile to find a solution is simply part of our everyday service;

  • If you want to carry on, we will always try to find a way for you to do so with the support of your creditors. If you've had enough, then we will close your business professionally and make sure that creditors receive everything that they are entitled to, but nothing more;

  • We have set our charging rates at levels that allow us to earn a living without being another financial problem for you or your creditors. We regularly work on agreed fixed fees to give you absolute certainty of what a piece of work will cost. We don't have shareholders that are pressing us for income that they are not involved in generating.

Contact us today. It could be the best business call you'll make.

What you'll find at this website

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